Frequently Asked Questions…

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What should babies wear for swimming lessons?

Happy Nappy 

Happy Nappies can be worn alone (with a disposable swim nappy underneath of required) or under any type of swimming togs that do not have one integrated.

For a bit of extra warmth and to make sure my baby feels snug in the pool you can put a wetsuit on top of the happy nappy or use a wetsuit with a happy nappy already included in the design see below.


Although they are not mandatory swimwear, baby wetsuits have three key advantages over traditional swimming costumes:

  • They will keep your baby warmer in cooler water for longer, so can prolong swimming sessions.
  • Wetsuits made from UPF material will keep children safe in the sun during a day at the beach.
  • They can help to protect babies’ sensitive skin by preventing barrier cream from rinsing off your baby’s body.


What is the sizing of your Swimwear?

Please see below sizing charts:

Splash About Sizing

Happy Nappy Sizing

After swim snuggle-wear

KITE Clothing Sizes

Wetsuit Questions

Do baby wetsuits work?

Yes! Baby wetsuits enable little ones to enjoy being in the water for longer by keeping them warmer than traditional swimwear does.

Baby wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water between your child’s body and the wetsuit’s neoprene material. When this thin layer of water is trapped, your child’s body temperature warms it up and keeps them warm in the water.

What is the best wetsuit option for my baby?

All the wetsuits we stock at the moment are warm, either neoprene or fleecy lined – well suited for Irish swimming pools.  Most also have SPF 50 for use on holiday where you may be going in and out of cooler pools into the sun.  The thinner UV suits are great for the sun as they protect and water evaporates off them very quickly – however not great for swimming pools in Ireland where they can cause babies to feel cooler.

The Happy Nappy wetsuit is made of neoprene wetsuit material with long sleeves and a Happy Nappy included in the design. Legs are free to move.  They fasten with velcro up the back and should be a snug fit to keep the heat in.  Good for keeping warm in the pool and nappy included so only one item to bring to the pool.

The Warm in One suits offer full body fleece lined coverage.  Good for extra warmth for babies who need a little extra warmth or slightly cooler pools.   The full body coverage is also great for those babies with eczema or sensitive skin or others who may need to wear a barrier cream in the pool to make it easier to hold them in the pool.  

The Baby Wrap is an excellent choice for those who need the extra layer on occasions where the weather may be cooler or can also be worn on top of any of the above for an even cosier swim for babies who need an extra layer.  Due to the full wrap around nature of the Baby Wrap they can expand as baby grows, so do last longer before growing out of them. 

Swim Nappy Questions

Why are swim nappies so important?

If poop leaks into a pool it is likely the pool will need to be closed while the water is drained and/or treated with chemicals.  This can mean scheduled swimming lessons and activities are cancelled and some pools even issue parents with a fine.

What are reusable nappies made from?

Reusable nappies are made from similar stretchy material to swimming costumes. The Splash About Happy Nappy range is made from super soft 1mm thick neoprene, this fabric is water resistant and helps to keep a snug fit over your baby’s bottom, the neoprene used is a much thinner and softer neoprene to that used to make wetsuits.

How long will the Happy Nappy contain poop for?

Swim nappies are designed to hold poo long enough for you and your little one to leave the pool without any leakage. They are not designed to hold faeces for a long period so you should ensure that you leave the pool immediately.

Will a swim nappy contain a loose stool?

Disposable swim nappies may not contain loose stools as they are not very robust and can leak around the seams. The Happy Nappy features wide cuffs made from neoprene fabric which creates a tight (but comfortable) seal around the thighs and tummy, which will keep it contained.

While very loose stools are completely normal for young babies that are exclusively breastfed, if your child is older and is experiencing diarrhoea, then it’s important to keep them away from the water until they feel better.

Can my child wear a regular disposable nappy under the reusable swim nappy?

No, regular disposable nappies are designed to soak up liquid so can become bulky and uncomfortable very quickly if submerged in a swimming pool. However, disposable swim nappies can be worn under a reusable swim nappy.

What should my child wear under a reusable swim nappy?

Most reusable swim nappies can be worn on their own, however, for extra protection you may want to combine with a disposable swim nappy, and/or liner.  Some swimming pools and most swim schools insist on a disposable swim nappy being worn under a reusable one so check your local pool’s policy.

Are swim nappies suitable for boys and girls?

Absolutely. Splash About Happy Nappy comes in a range of designs suitable for boys and girls, or unisex designs suitable for both. A popular choice for boys is the Shark print and the Dragonfly design is a big hit with girls.

Washing Instructions

How should a baby wetsuit be washed?

Rinse the wetsuit out with cool water and dry away from direct sunlight until it’s completely dry. If the wetsuit is heavily soiled hand wash it in mild detergent, rinse in cool water and then dry out of direct sunlight.

How should I clean and care for reusable swim nappies?

Reusable nappies can be hand washed in cool water. If the nappy has been soiled, it can be put in the washing machine on a warm wash with a gentle detergent.